Be concise

Like in a lot of cases in life, less is more applies to writing a good job post. Keeping things concise helps candidates find relevant info easily. More than 50% of job views are coming from mobile devices so focusing on short and important info is crucial.

What's in it for candidates

Candidates are interested in the quality of company culture, compensation, and the possibility of career growth. Putting this information front and center will get their attention and they will be eager to learn and invest more of their precious time to get to know your company and what you have to offer.

State clearly what success looks like

Companies hire for the job to be done. Be very specific about the expected results and set up measurable goals and expectations.

Be mindful of diversity

Make sure to use gender-neutral words in your job post and avoid words that appeal mostly to men. Words like "rock-star", "ninja" and similar could discourage women from applying.